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Elder Call
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ties That Bind..............last letter from the mission field

To Da' Boys,

What a thrill ride it’s been while we've all been on our missions. My time is now up and its time to go home. Nate and Cameron are right behind me too. It has been an incredible journey and as I look back on it all I can do is wonder.

This last week on my mission has been by far the best. We went out Tuesday to try and find some less actives and new people to teach. It was so hot that the Walgreens thermometer broke and it said 501 degrees! It was miserable and we were out on feet the whole time. A wonderful lady did accept a Book of Mormon and gave us a bottle of water. The next day my companion wasn't feeling well and threw-up that night. We took it easy for one more day because he was sick and it was 105 degrees, for real. The next day we had plenty of appointments and we were trying to get everything ready for Saturday. Bobby Cook was going to get baptized in Bone Creek in Holt, FL. We have been teaching Bobby in the Anderson's home for a while and it was finally time for him to get baptized.

While we were out visiting a less-active family we got an unexpected call. It was from CK Ryan. I talked with him and he thanked me for being there to teach him. He asked when I go home and I said, "Next week." (Can't help but smile when you say that). He thought for a moment and then said humbly, "Will you baptize me this Sunday?" I was blown away! I knew that CK was very stern in his decisions. We tried to teach and invite, but it was all up to him. He came to church on his own, he came to us when he was ready to begin the missionary discussions, and now he was coming to me to baptize him. I was so happy I didn't know what to say. Of course I said yes, but I was so surprised I really didn't know what to think, say, or do. I told him we would get everything ready.

The next 48 hours became very hectic because we now had two baptisms to plan for. We called our bishop and he told us Saturday would be best. So with a couple of phone calls and a mass e-mail to all of the ward members, we had two baptisms on Saturday. The morning baptism was beautiful and the water in the creek was warm. (I'm in Florida, everything is warm) We had a little service with a few of the members from Crestview and the missionaries from there too. Bobby was so happy to be baptized and his non-member mother was there too. The Anderson's, especially Brother Anderson was so excited. On our way home he asked if I would call President Jensen. He left a message thanking him for letting us be there. I was humbled.

That evening we did some more scrambling to get ready for CK's Baptism. He needed clothes, an interview, and a program with speakers, and all of these just hours before he was to get baptized. It was a wonderful experience as I relied on others and my Father in Heaven. I know I forgot something on that Saturday that He was willing to make up for. I couldn't even remember how the baptismal prayers went until I began to say their name. While I was in the font with CK. Everyone was their looking at him and supporting him. He couldn't take it anymore, and broke down for a minute. We just sat there as he cried. The spirit finally entered into his heart because he was willing to let it in. Never before had CK shown emotion like that in our lesson, but there the spirit wouldn't let him hold it in any more. He got a hold of himself and we moved forward. CK is now a member of the ward and I believe is planning on proposing to Sis Peart soon. Exciting!!

I Love you Guys,
Elder Call

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Full Week Left................................

Hey Everyone,

It has been a wonderful week. Last Monday Bishop Pearce took us to play golf in Sandestin. It was wonderful and difficult as its been two years since I've played. Then yesterday I got fried because we spent most of the day at the beach. We took a grill with us and had hamburgers on the beach. Elder North and I played smash ball, but we didn't get as far as Dad and Megan did. Our rally's were only in the twenties or so, but it was still fun. I am sunburned from head to toe. Well everything that was exposed to the sun. It was probably my last day at the beach. Next Monday Bro Johnson is taking us to the Air Museum on Eglin Air Force Base. That will be great too.

This week has been wonderful. We taught Cynthia, a friend of Bro Simmons, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a wonderful lesson and she had so many questions. Deep questions that we let Bro Simmons answer. He is a professor at the local college and even studied Hebrew, so we differ to him a lot. Anyways, Cynthia came to church this week too. It was hilarious. She pulled up with Bro Simmons and had a mug of coffee in her hand. We smiled and welcomed her in. Bro Simmons and Cynthia sat close to the front. Both speakers got up and spoke on a great topic, the Word of Wisdom. We haven't gotten that far with Cynthia in the lessons, but she knew about it already. So both speakers spoke on the Word of Wisdom, Cynthia got up and left for a while, but them came back. We realized that she went out to smoke. hahaha. Bad day for Cynthia. She had all sorts of questions for us the next day. Soda was her big attack, but there was other things that were really bothering her. We talked to her and by the end we were on good terms, but didn't really get anywhere.

CK is another great story. It involves a lot. Like how CK is awesome and how the spirit can really lead you. The Pearts had invited us over to eat dinner with them. CK had bought massive steaks. My piece was the left side of the cow and Elder North's was the right. They were huge!! and delicious. After dinner we invited Bro O'Brian to come teach with us. We weren't sure exactly what we were going to teach, although we knew it would be a Commandment. As I looked at the list I saw that the word of wisdom was on it and that's what we taught. It was perfect because that is Bro O'Brian's favourite topic. He had decided early to follow the word or wisdom. And I mean early! At 13 he decided to follow it and he even took it a step further. To him, the word of wisdom said no caffeine. He doesn't push it on anyone, but he hasn't eaten chocolate since he found out that it had a fair amount of caffeine. That was when he was 13. He is also a doctor and when others were breaking down to Mt Dew and Coke for caffeine during residency, he wouldn't touch it. Just an amazing story. He provided some great points for us as we taught CK. The best part though, was the next day was Sunday and the topic was the word of wisdom. hahaha. Everyone was getting pounded! He looked so surprised and asked us if we knew that it was going to be the word of wisdom. We told him no, because it was the truth. We had no idea what the topic was going to be on, it just worked itself out that way. There are no accidents. It was wonderful.

Niceville is great and it is super hot and sunny. I have the best farmer's tan you could get. ;)
I love ya'll and I'm praying for you too.
Elder Call

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello Everyone,

Mom, I'm sorry that all you're getting is rain. All we get here is sun. We haven't had a rainy day in about a month. Just a whole lot of sun. Last week was great because a little cold front came through and dropped everything to about 75 degrees, but now its back up. Yesterday it was 95. The summer months are coming quickly.

Well I have many stories for you guys. Like how we won our softball game; Bobby Cook is going to be baptized in the Blackwater River on June 4; we've been teaching a girl named Cynthia and its been going well; Marshall got married; Ck is really thinking about baptism; we went to Niceville graduation Thursday night because Alisha Cain and Kelsea Mol graduated; we taught a False Prophet (not even kidding) named BJ; saw the Beyers (a family from Tally) at the soccer fields because their kids were all in a tourney here; had a great time with the Coopers last night; and today we're going to play golf with Bishop Pearce at the Sandestin Resort. It has been a wonderful week full of exciting twist.

We taught CK on Monday. CK is doing wonderful and after we taught about tithing and fast offerings he was excited to pay them. The Zone Leaders from Crestview came with us to teach Bobby Cook on Tuesday. Bobby is getting ready for baptism. Bobby has changed almost as much as the Andersson's. The family whose home we teach in. Cynthia is a friend of Bro Simmons and we taught her on Wednesday. She grew up going to school at Rocky Bayou Christian School. There they showed an Anti-Mormon video. She had a lot of questions. All in all these three are moving forward in their own way. Bobby is the fastest with his baptism soon. I hope that CK is right behind him.

Alisha and Kelsea both graduated on Thursday. We went to the graduation and walked around talking to people afterward. It was great and I was surprised at how many people we new. Members and non-members. (I sent Brennan his letter. I finally found the address and put it in the mail. A few hours later I got his announcement :) They were both excited to graduate and so were their leaders. Bro O'Malley, Sis Hendricks, and Sis Perez deserve most of the credit here. They spent countless hours with these youth trying to prepare them for graduation. Kelsea and Alisha had a lot to do and Sis Perez worked with them the whole way through. Lots of blessings for here family are definitely in store.

Saturday was our most exciting day. Marshall got married. We didn't get to go, but we talked with him and his new bride last night. They are good together, but will have their struggles. She is going back to Colorado until he finishes school. Tough. We couldn't really go to Marshall's wedding because we were teaching BJ. A false prophet. We taught him last week and after teaching the restoration set up another time to come back. We came back and he had gone through a lot. With our first meeting he was shy and unsure. Now he is solid, but I'm not sure in what yet. Here is what he told us that happened since we saw him last.

He felt on fire for God and his head kept turning as he was thinking.
That night he read from the Bible with his wife and felt great, but he did not read the Book of Mormon.
Began talking to people about Christ and asking if they knew that he loved them.
Began going house to house talking about Christ.
-not to bad right? Well...-
Cop came, picked him up and took him to a psychiatric ward.
Talked to the cop the whole time about the bible.
At the psychiatric ward he met a man he already knew from prison years ago. Found that this man was sick, slapped him on the back and commanded him to be healed. The man was going to the hospital for 'swelling of the brain' and came back with a sunburn.
Got out of the psychiatric ward earlier than he should have.
Went to his friends car shop, drew a line in the ground and began to call people out saying, "Who's on the Lords side?" Yelled a few more things condemning the the wicked and after, felt 'Like he shook America"
He felt like his families sins were covered because of his faith in Christ. He, or his family, can do whatever they want; drink, smoke, yell, fight, etc; and it doesn't matter because of his faith in Christ.
Laid in his kitchen floor and spoke in tongues.
Wife came home drunk and all he did was "kiss on her and love her".
Hasn't slept in I think 3 or 4 days because he feels like the spirit of Christ is in him.
At one point said "I feel like God"
Has bills to pay, but isn't working nor does he care because, "God will take care of him"
Told us that he fears for our salvation because we read the Book of Mormon. When he tried to read the Book of Mormon it felt "Oily" to him.
After our lesson he left his home and went house to house in his neighborhood trying to give people a book on prayer.

It was a really weird conversation. He spoke for an hour and a half with no breaks. Elder North and I just sat their. We weren't in danger or anything, but just in aw about how quickly someone can go the wrong way. This was all in a week. Just one week before he had invited us over and we taught him the restoration. Now he is trying to convert us. The problem is I don't know what I'm supposed to be converted to. He is not part of a religion, he's just a "Warrior for God". He is weird and we don't plan on going back, but he plays basketball with us, so we'll see him again.

After that wonderful experience we walked around and saw a lot of people at the ball fields. We went over to check them out and it was a soccer tournament. We were just walking in between fields when a young black kid came up to us and said, "I hear you guys worship the devil?" I just had to laugh, he did too and told us that Traci Beyer told him to say that to us. It was Cocoa and he is the Godson of the Beyers. Gabe was playing a soccer game and we went and sat with Sis Beyer. Bro Beyer showed up later with Jessica, but I never saw Tyler. He was playing in Destin. Can you imagine mom? Three kids in a one tournament? That's a lot of games in one weekend. We talked and caught up with them. It was fun to hear about how Tallahassee is doing.

That was my week. It was full of fun. This week will be great too, mostly because I get to start out golfing. I'm going to do horrible, but it'll be fun.
Love Elder Call

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

School's out?!?!?!?

Hello friends,

I figured that Kristen was out of school. The Grigg family just got bigger here in Niceville. So did the Conger family as they all come home from school. They all went to BYU to and are done and back home for the summer. Tyson Grigg was surprised to see that I was still here in Niceville. If there is anything that is making me more and more trunkie is people getting out of school or getting close. Niceville High School's graduation is the 19th. It is getting really, really close. This wednesday will also be the start of one last transfer. Sixteen down, one more to go.

I'm am excited to call home. My last phone call home will be almost a month exactly before I come home. Cool. I hope Erik and Tim are really good at Frisbee, because I've been practicing. They play Frisbee here a lot, and they are crazy good.

We have had a wonderful week. Absolutely fantastic. To begin, we had our lesson with CK Ryan on Monday. We had it at the Hendricks home and it was perfect. We taught the Plan of Salvation and just moved right through it. CK had questions, Bro Hendricks had answers, and Elder North and I just sat there while they taught themselves. It was wonderful. Later in the week we taught CK again, but this time in the Peart's home. We asked Aaron and Chris, both deacons in the ward, to help us teach. Aaron is Sis Peart's son and Chris is their neighbor. Both did a wonderful job as we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They both brought a humble spirit knowing that 12 year old boys can teach the gospel too. It really set the stage for the lesson and we taught CK. He understands baptism, but feels like he's not ready for it yet. He wants to be sure. He said the same thing about going to church, but do you know what he said after going to church? "I should of done this a long time ago." That same comment will be made when he gets baptized.

Marshall Anthony is next on our list. We met him on Tuesday and told him we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation. Almost immediately he jumped up and said, "I got this." He went to the chalk board and drew the whole thing out right there. It made teaching it really easy. We called him later that week to set up another appointment, but we had some trouble. You see, Marshall's two best friends from home just passed away. He told us a little bit about them. Only a week ago, he got a call from them saying that they both had gone to Palmyra, NY. Neither are members, but they went to visit and had all sorts of stories to tell Marshall. They even referred themselves to the missionaries. They were telling all of this to Marshall and in his mind all he could think of was, "They're going to get baptized too." Well, a week after the phone call, both of them pass away. He went up to New York for the viewing. He said that it was really difficult and that he feels like Job. However, he is still moving forward and knows that this gospel is true. On a happy note. Marshall will be going to Utah to visit his sister. She is a member and has been helping Marshall out. I gave him your contact info, so don't be surprised if he calls you. ;)

Third and last. We met a guy named Bobby. Bobby Cook. He was a Highway Patrol man, but got in an accident. He was in the Ft Walton Hospital and met the missionaries. A week later we got a call from some members saying that he is interested in learning about the gospel. So we went the the Andersson's home and met Bobby. He was so interested that after our lesson on Thursday, we had one on Friday, another on Saturday, and he came to church with us on Sunday. He is originally from Holt, FL, which is in Crestview's area, but because he is living with the Andersson's for the time being we are teaching him. Missionary work is definitely a team effort. Ft Walton found him, we're teaching him, and Crestview will baptize him. Cool huh? Anyway's when we taught on Saturday we invited him to be baptized, he said yes. He will be baptized on May 28, just before I come home.

That is our life here in Niceville. On a cool side note, we play basketball in the mornings for exercise, softball at night for contacting, ultimate Frisbee to work with less actives, and we talk about the NBA playoffs to get into a part members home. I love serving a mission. ;)

Love Elder Call

Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference

Hello Everyone,

What a week we had. So many things happened or didn't happen like we had thought or planned. This week has been filled with so many things I'm not sure where to start.

Tuesday we had a lesson with the Cooper family. Sis Cooper has been coming out of inactivity. We taught a short object lesson to them, then let them do the rest of the talking. They knew all of the answers to the questions we had and they loved having us there. Sis Cooper mentioned to her boy Carter about getting baptized! Because of the divorce between her and Bro Cooper, the kids have been left out of church activity. They go when they are with their dad, but that's it. It's been three years since the breakup started and it has only been recently that Sis Cooper has been going to church. Her son Carter is turning twelve soon and Evan is nine. Both are ready and willing, but its just been a matter of time for their mom to say yes. She told us that in these last couple of she has been thinking about her kids. Bro Cooper always seems so sure, even when he doesn't have the kids with him. She said that he feels this way because he knows that he will see them again. Sis Cooper came to this realization that if she wants to be with her kids forever she needs to start doing the things that will qualify her for the blessing. Like going to church and such. Its been great to watch their progress.

Wednesday was alright. We had just about every lesson fall through, but we had some good moments. We saw the Burnhams. A less active family that refuses to come to church. We got the young men, young women conference challenge for the weekend.

Thursday I got a Jew's Harp from another missionary. Look it up, it is such a redneck instrument.

Friday we did service in Destin at a resort. A member owned a condo on the top floor of this building. It is right on the beach and is beautiful.

Saturday and Sunday were probably the best days. We had planned out our General Conference weekend so that we could watch each session in someone's home:
First session was with Brother Howell. He is just amazing.
Second session was with the Chabots and Jay Akoi. We watched it on the internet with them and Jay brought pizza. I told him that Matt eats a lot, so he brought eight boxes of pizza. There were only seven of us. We watched the session with them and helped Seth fill out his Conference Challenge.
Priesthood was amazing. We took Seth and Matt with us to the Priesthood session. The young men did and activity before hand and we were there with them. We watched priesthood and every time they said something about missionaries or marriage, Seth would poke me and say that he's talking to me. I had to remind him that I'm still on a mission and can't get married yet. I think all in all they enjoyed it.
Forth session was at the church. We were trying to meet Nina Cox there. A investigator from a part member family, but she never showed. We still enjoyed conference. I got to sit next to the Wendle boys. They are about seven and six years old.
Fifth session was the longest. The Grigg family invited us over to eat dinner and watch the session. We got to there house at 2:30 to find no one there. We got a call a few minutes later from Bro Grigg. He said that he was in Destin and would be there soon. They had just gotten a new bid on a job and he was working. Sis Grigg was with her two daughters at their Cheer leading something. We waited for them and Sis Grigg got home before Bro Grigg. We couldn't go inside, so we waited outside on their patio. It took a lot longer than we thought. An hour and a half longer than we thought. Bro Grigg finally got home and we ate while we watched the conference. I didn't miss anything because they had recorded it.

It was a great weekend. I love General Conference and I'm sad that this is my last one on a mission. However, I've been told that when I go home the members from the ward in Niceville can get me tickets to the next General Conference. ;) yay!

Its been a long week with lots of ups and downs. I'm glad I got to here from the priesthood brethren. I loved President Uchtdorf Priesthood talk, both of President Monsons, and of course Elder Scott's. There were others I enjoyed too, but mostly those ones. I wonder why?

Love Elder Call

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring time - feeling good

Hey Everyone,

I'm feeling great and grateful to be in Florida. Its warm.

We have had a great and interesting week. We have met a few interesting people and a few amazing people. One time when we were tracting we knocked on a door and a guy yelled from inside, "come in." We went in. He was sitting on his couch drinking a beer and watching TV. As we walked in he didn't say anything, then he noticed what we were wearing and recognized who we were. There was nothing left for him to say, but he said it anyway. "Oh Sh**. You got the wrong house." hahaha. It was so funny!

I've got a scary story for you. This morning i was doing my early exercises when Elder North came running up the stairs saying that he saw a giant spider. I went down with him to investigate. There it was on our couch. It looked so weird you could mistake it for a scorpion if you get it at the right angle. It was brown and hairy. Not your usual house spiders. Elder North got his big basketball shoe and smashed him. Now there is a dead spider on the kitchen floor. Neither of was want to pick it up in case it comes back to life. We both were a little creeped out. Mostly because this is the first spider to infiltrate the apartment while I've been in Florida and we have the nicest apartment. There are no real holes for them to come in. I went back up stairs to finish my workout. When I was done I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Still scared I poked my head around the corner. And guess what I saw... ANOTHER SPIDER! But this one was 3x bigger and in the middle of the Kitchen!! Where do they come from? Not just one spider, but two. This time I decided not to kill it. Instead I captured it. We have this make shift cage that we made for when we catch lizards. We didn't have a lizard in it, so I put the spider in it. Mostly because I wanted to show it to the Ft Walton Missionaries. No one believes a fish story, so I had to catch it. And catch it I did!! After showing them I released him into the wild again. Now that we are e-mailing I looked it up. The spider is a brown Recluse. They are poisonous and the venom causes damage to the skin and tissue. Or in other words, the skin and tissue die. AND IT WAS IN OUR HOUSE!!! I have had the heebie jeebies all morning. ew...

Back to missionary things. Sister Peart has been working with her friend for a long time. Well this week is our wards fast Sunday. Among other things, like a member in the Hospital and another whose husband is not a member, we had a fast for Sister Peart's friend, CK. What was really cool was he showed up for church, said he's ready to start taking the lessons, we had a lesson with him and the Peart's that night, and he is planning on watching a little bit of General Conference. He is amazing. He also has so many friends in the church. He is a nurse and works with about 5 or 6 doctors from our ward. O'Brian, Rulwics, Bronson, Honeycutt, and Riley. All are doctors for the Air Force and all are members of the church. Really active members of the church. He will have a great support system, until they all leave. We are losing about half of our ward in the summer. All of the mentioned doctors are leaving and others like Brother O'Malley are leaving too. Brother O'Malley is super cool. He flies F-35's, knows John Bytheway personally and is moving to Las Vegas (or whatever base is there). I will get to see him again too. However, the ward is going to change dramatically. The Primary just got reorganized this week.

I love serving in this ward. I feel so attached to them. Its like my home. The youth are so great. The youth leaders are better and everyone wants to be involved. Teaching the Chabots has been difficult. Seth and Matt are really stubborn. But that's what you get when you have such an awesome ward. You get the difficult cases. The ones that take extra time, extra love and extra work. All of it goes towards a common goal and all of it is worth it. What adds to the coolness is most of the members own really nice homes and have mentioned that I could come back and stay with them. When I say nice homes I mean waterfront properties with their own dock! Its not on the coast, but its in the big bay. Dolphins constantly are swimming past them. This week we were with the Johnson's who live on a little Bayou. They have a modest home. Its only the two of them though, so it looks like a huge house. He gave us the tour. They have an indoor pool. Well kind of. Its a screened off pool. No bugs, just a nice breeze. He took us up to the attic, or Dog House as he calls it. The place where he goes when he is in trouble. Its a little room that's fully finished, has a big tv and has a closet that is filled with model airplanes. I mean filled. He has about 300 model airplanes. He hasn't built any of them yet. They are all still in their boxes. He has WWI planes, WWII planes, planes from the Gulf War and planes that are still in action. He also has a model of the Battleship Missouri. The one where Japan surrendered on. It was the coolest Dog House I've ever seen!!

Anyway, Florida is beautiful. I sent Shannon her present today. She'll get it sometime this week.
Hope everyone is doing well and having fun.

Love Elder Call

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello From Niceville.

Hey Everyone,

I'm really glad that Shannon got some use out of my letters. It's always great to hear that it means something to someone else. OH! BTW: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNON!! You are old! Just not as old as me. You now get to go to all of the dances! I'm sure that will be exciting for you. You will be able to show off all of you dance moves on the dance floor. Keep practicing and you can teach me some when I get back. I'm going to need it.

Niceville is great. Its ben 70 degree's all week and that's what it looks like its going to be for the next week. Elder North and I have spent a lot of time walking around lately. Elder Bell and Elder Mudaliar left the van with us without any miles. Just enough to get here and there. We now have to crunch for miles, but that's ok because we walk almost everywhere. We decided to go tracting right on the water. There are a lot of water front homes in Niceville and we needed to find some people. We didn't find to many, but while we were walking by the water I saw a really cool looking shell. I picked it up because I wanted to send it to Shannon. As I was holding it a little creature came out to say hi. It was a Hermit Crab!! He had a beautiful shell, but we were out in the neighborhoods tracting. We kept him for a little bit, but decided it would be better to release him. We left him in a park next to the water.

Elder North and I have been doing a lot of service. That was our day on Saturday. Service. We began by helping sister Fleck put up her new Flat Screen TV. Tami, her daughter was there to help to. They wanted the new TV up because Baseball season is coming quickly and they want to watch the Braves. - Next was the Cook's. Brother Cook made these two giant doors for his barn and needed help putting them on. He gave us the address and we drove out to his new place that they are fixing up. It is a beach house. There back yard goes right out to the bay. The bay is really shallow in some parts. There was a Volleyball net set up in the water about 30 yards out, and the sand bar kept going. They bought the house cheep as a fixer-upper. They were planning in moving in, but Sister Cook is pregnant with their forth child. It would be really cramped for them. However, if they still have the house in the summer, I could always go back and visit. :) We helped Brother Cook lift the doors and attach the hinges. They were massive doors and looked really good. Brother Cook used extra wood from their wood floors. It had a really nice finish. - Seth called us that morning and asked if we could walk Matt to his Birthday Party. Sister Chabot has been really sick lately. Severe Bronchitis, is what the doctors told her. She has been in bed for the last week. We went over and took the boys with us. We took Matt the his birthday party and Seth and Zack to the park. We were with them until they were tired and wanted to go back home. We stayed their until Matt and Alisha came home. - While we were at the Cahbots, we got a call from President Peirce's wife. Sister Phillips was moving and needed some help. Sister Phillips is very interesting. Her and Brother Phillips have been going at each others necks for a while and now they have decided to get in a divorce. It was a very interesting situation. Brother Phillips wanted us to help him move and Sister Phillips said she was going to call the cops on him and us. Haha. We got her stuff moved into a storage unit. Sister Billings, her next door neighbor, was very grateful for our help. So grateful that she cooked us dinner and let us watch some of the BYU basketball game. Jackson looked great and I saw his dad on TV. - It was a long day of service for us, but we were blessed in the end. While at the Chabots we told them we were going to get a ride for them to come to church since their mom was sick. Well, after dinner we called but no one answered. Elder North and I decided to go visit them before we went home. When we got there, their grandparents were already there. Not only were they there, they were planning on coming up and taking their grand kids to church the next day. YAY!! Seth and Matt are getting close again. I can feel it.

I hope you all are enjoying this time of you life right now. I sure am enjoying mine. I get BYU updates all the time from the members in the ward. ;) The work is great and the gospel is true.

Love Elder Call